£100 Website Healthcheck

Website Health Check

June 2012 UPDATE:

We’re currently reviewing our Website Health Check for the Australian market and hope to bring this to you soon.

How well did your website perform last year?

Did you measure the number of leads and sales conversions you received from your website?

What are your top landing pages and which ones aren’t pulling their weight?

Which keywords are bringing visitors to your website?

Your website is part of your business and you need to know how well it performs.

Download a Sample Report

View a sample PDF report and see how all the information it contains could help your website increase its search engine rankings.

  Website Health Check Sample Report (1.3 MiB, 3,885 hits)

Tracking Website Performance

Your website should be configured to use Google Analytics.

This is a free tool from Google that tracks where your website visitors come from, which keywords they used to find your website and what they do while on your site.

It is also underused.

Many lesser web design companies will register your website to use Google Analytics but fail to teach you how to use it effectively.

What If I Don’t Have Google Analytics Installed?

Even if you don’t currently use Google Analytics to track your website visitors, we can analyse your web logs to determine vital search result statistics and the most viewed web pages.

We can also setup your website to transmit its most important tracking data to Google Analytics including goals and conversions allowing you to properly track your website performance month by month.

Tracking Offline Website Performance

Not everything is done online.  Sometimes your customers will write, call or send you a text message.

Tracking off-line communications is just as important as the online data.

We can also set your business up with an off-line tracking system helping you to determine where your leads and sales have come from.

What Do I Get From The Website Health Check?

You will receive from us a detailed PDF report containing:

  • Your website’s top 10 landing pages
  • NEW: Your 10 lowest-quality website pages to help rank your site higher with the Google Panda update
  • Your website’s keywords and how well your site is using them
  • Your website search engine rankings for each keyword
  • Your top 10 competitors and how your website ranks against them overall


  • We will install Google Analytics on your website if it’s not already there and we will setup 1 website goal for you to monitor.
  • We will look through your website error log and point out errors that you can fix
  • You get an offline lead tracking spreadsheet tailored for your website

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