WordPress A-Z: Import and Export

WordPress A-Z: I

WordPress provides import and export tools that will handle most of the common exchange formats. Moving your data is easy!

WordPress A-Z: .htaccess and Permalinks

WordPress A-Z: H

One of the first things you will want to do when setting up your WordPress website is to change the permalinks options to use friendly URLs.

WordPress A-Z: Galleries


Continuing our WordPress A-Z series with “G”. Let’s look at a round-up of the most popular photo and video gallery plugins for WordPress.

WordPress A-Z: The functions.php File

WordPress A-Z: F

The functions.php file is part of the WordPress theme structure. It allows developers to extend WordPress using PHP functions. Geek alert!

WordPress A-Z: e-Commerce

WordPress A-Z: E

Continuing our WordPress A-Z series with “E”. Turn your WordPress website into an on-line shop. A round-up of the most popular WordPress e-commerce plugins and themes.

WordPress A-Z: The Dashboard

WordPress A-Z: D

The Admin Dashboard is the back-end of your WordPress website. Once logged in, you can edit content and change website settings.

WordPress A-Z: Child Themes

WordPress A-Z: C - Child Themes

Child Themes inherit the base functionality of the “parent” theme allowing you to add, remove or extend the features it provides.

WordPress A-Z: Backups

WodPress A-Z: B Backups

Hands up who hasn’t lost their WordPress installation at some point?
Here’s some tips on how to properly backup your WordPress website.

WordPress A-Z: Admin Bar

WordPress A-Z: A

The Admin Bar was introduced as a new optional feature in WordPress v3.1, providing handy administrative functions while browsing the site. This is the first article in our weekly WordPress A-Z series. Helping you to understand the world of WordPress.