Google Announces New Search Engine Algorithm Ranking Factor logo

Google announces new search engine algorithm ranking factor. This new factor penalises sites that have received copyright removal notices.

Facebook Insights for your Website


You may already be used to looking at your Facebook page Insights, tracking the likes, shares and comments but did you know that you can also use Facebook Insights with your own website?

Google to roll out Social Search globally


Google announces the global roll out of Social Search as another search engine update looms. Social Search includes results from Twitter and other sites in the search results.

Google launches new Inside Search blog


Today has seen the launch of a new Google blog called Inside Search dedicated to discussions, issues and updates surrounding their search engine algorithms.
If you’re in any way interested or involved in SEO, subscribe to this blog today.

Will your website suffer under Google’s latest algorithm update?


Does your website rank lower after Google’s latest search engine update?

The update penalises “low-quality” sites but what does that mean and could your website be affected?

Learn About SEO

SEO Basics - Learn About SEO

We try to answer the question “What Is SEO?” and why just SEO alone is not enough to get higher search engine rankings.

You also need a marketing campaign.

How to Rank High on Bing Search Engine


Earlier this year behemoth IT companies Microsoft and Yahoo reached a lengthy agreement to merge their search services in hope of trying to compete with the king search-land, Google.

Here are some essential tips on getting your website picked up by Bing search engine.

What You Looking At? – Top Search Engine Keywords

SEO and Intenet Marketing

Every day there are millions of searches conducted on World Wide Web using big search engine sites such as Google and Yahoo!

Have you ever wondered what they are searching for?