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Selling products online can be an important revenue stream for your Sydney business and it’s not as difficult as you may think.

The May 2010 CCi report stated that

four in five Australians had used the internet in the past three months, up from 72.6% in 2007. By international standards Australia’s level of internet use is very high. In terms of home access, the vast majority of connections are now broadband (94.2%).

so there is a huge Australian market to sell to.

Setting up an online shop in Sydney

Creating a Sydney eCommerce website requires a little bit more forward planning and strategy than a regular website.

There are many aspects, online and offline, to consider when setting up a Sydney eCommerce website including:

  • Your merchant bank account
  • Site security and SSL certificates
  • Shared vs dedicated server hosting
  • Payment options and payment gateways
  • Product stock and availability
  • Shipping costs
  • Returns and complaints policies and processes

Which eCommerce software to use

Whether your online shop needs to sell 100 or 10,000 products here in Ireland or internationally you need to choose the best eCommerce system to do the job.

That’s why we specialise in three different eCommerce systems allowing us to deliver Dublin businesses the best online shop they need.

Without going into too much technical detail for each, here’s a summary of the eCommerce software we use and some of their benefits and considerations.

WP e-Commerce

Great for small online shops where design and development budgets are limited.

Running under the free Content Managemt System (CMS) WordPress, WP e-Commerce is also free for the basic version which supports PayPal and Google Checkout payments.

It’s not a dedicated eCommerce system as it runs under WordPress so there are performance issues to consider.  Also some of the fancier features such as rotating product carousels need to be purchased as a module.

Visit their site.

Magento eCommerce

Magento has been designed as an eCommerce system, delivering an type shopping online experience.

There are numerous features to control stock, shipping, currencies, payments and reports and the basic version is free and good enough to handle thousands of products.

This is a big punchy eCommerce tool and ideally you should be running Magento on a good dedicated server, so infrastructure planning will have to be built into the strategy and costs.

Visit their site.


Shopify sits somewhere in the middle ground.

Whereare the other two eCommerce systems need to be installed on your hosting plan, Shopify is a service which means that it is also hosted.

The interface is super easy to setup and there are a wide range of functions to help you manage and maintain your online shop.

The service operates on a pay-per-month basis and while costs may initially seem low compared with developing the other two, it can end up being more expensive in the long-run.

Visit their site.

Design and setup

Regardless of which eCommerce software fits your online shop business they will all require a designed template, configuration, product importing and lots of testing.

How do I get a Sydney online shop?

The best eCommerce websites are carefully planned and we would be happy to talk to you about getting your online shop setup.

Call us on Eire 086 376 2601 or fill out the form below for a call-back.

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