2011/03 Mike Monteiro – F*ck You. Pay Me


Profanities aside this talk by Mike Monteiro contains invaluable information on getting out of tight business situations by having a good contract in place.

Cloud Computing Webinar for Irish SME’s


This great video explains what cloud computing is and how Irish SME’s can benefit from using the service.

The Secret Web Design Jargon Revealed


Here is our defination guide to those secret web design buzz words that other web design agencies don’t want you know.

Domain Registry of America Scam


We have recently seen an increase in the number of our customers reporting receiving scam letters from the Domain Registry of America. Here’s how to respond and what to do.

What is a Content Management System?


Put simply, a Content Management System (CMS) should separate the design of a website (theme, template) from the content – articles, pages, media etc. that you create.
Find out why you may need one for your website.

Guide to Choosing a Good Web Hosting Plan


We outline some of the aspects you’ll need to consider when choosing the best hosting plan for your website.

How much does a website cost?


As you can imagine we get asked this question a lot and quite rightly so giving the current economic climate. Let’s try to give you an answer…

Choosing a Good Domain Name for your Business


Is your current website being hosted for free? OK, so you don’t pay any money but what price do you pay in terms of professionalism, brand value and customer trust? Perhaps it’s time to buy a domain name and a hosting plan for your company and move up the ladder to compete with other like-minded businesses.

Why it is Essential to have Your Own Business Domain Name


Having your own business domain name is an important factor in building trust between you and your buyers.