Always Edit In HTML WordPress Plugin

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  • Sarah

    Hey there, thanks for the plugin! I have one issue though. I posted it here:

  • Gravitational FX Web Design

    Hi Sarah

    I had a look into the hooks and code at the weekend.

    Unfortunately, it seems that by removing the ability to use the rich editor (that’s how the plugin removes both Visual and HTML tabs), the content is not getting processed for special HTML codes that may conflict with the tinyMCE editor such as

    I experimented by using CSS to remove the tabs but this causes more problems than it fixes.

    The editor can’t be changed dynamically – only the default editor can be changed and that will affect all pages.

    At present I don’t see a fix for your particular problem but will continue to look it.

    The only work-around I can suggest is to use a plugin with shortcodes to get your textarea working with this plugin.

    Not a great solution I know.

    I’ll include this as a known issue in the doc.

    Sorry, Wil.

  • Jaume Sala

    Man you plugin is Amazing!I want just to comment two things.The first is, can you add suport for custom post types?Second, can you add translation files? I’m from spain, so I can translate you plugin to spanish if you want.Thank you for you time.

  • Gravitational FX Web Design

    Thanks Jaume.

    I’ll look into the support for custom post types.

    Thanks for the offer of traslation – I’ll take you up on that once I add translation support.


  • Gravitational FX Web Design

    I know it’s a bit late but I’ve added in language support

  • Gravitational FX Web Design

    The plugin now support textarea HTML attribute